Primal Game Studio

About Us

Who we are

Primal Game Studio is a video game developer established by industry veterans in 2012. Headquartered in Budapest, we are a global team of over 60 passionate game makers.

We make core games for PC and consoles.  We aim to build immersive universes across a broad variety of genres and themes.

We are independent. And we intend to stay that way; so no outside pressures can take away from our care and dedication to the best player experience.

Where we play

Budapest is where our magic happens. Our city is a great place to live, with a growing startup scene, great cuisine and a buzzing nightlife. Budapest is a primary tourist destination in the region, home to one of Europe’s largest music festivals, countless events throughout the year and expats from around the globe.

Our story

Our humble beginnings span from before the brave new indie world. Our founding team worked at various development studios in Hungary and elsewhere in Europe, and became battle hardened in a world dominated by old-school publishers.

Primal Game Studio was founded in 2012 when our troops gathered around Supernova, a passion project of a sci-fi RTS-MOBA. Since then, we keep pushing forward with multiple new and exciting projects, created and managed exclusively by us.

Today we carry on with the same passion – making and playing games. Our currently announced upcoming games, both Epic MegaGrant recipients, are Mandragora, an epic and dark fantasy action RPG, and Around, a hand-drawn adventure game.

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