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Release Notes – Supernova: Never Surrender

Supernova: Never Surrender - Release Notes (v0.17.0)

Supernova: Never Surrender brings some radical changes compared to the last Open Beta version of Supernova:

playable again
everything is unlocked
server status tracking on Discord
play for free
balance improvements
bug fixes
QoL modifications
no regular updates
no persistent profile (stats, medals, etc.)
no global chat
no in-game friends system
English version only
Windows version only

Find the details on balance changes, fixes, and updates below:

1 Balance Changes

1.1 Commanders

(All)  Commander turn speeds have been increased.
AxionQ1Omega BlastDamage radius reduced to 25 (from 30)
B.R.O.  Suggested Proficiencies have been updated.
BlazeRMissile StormBase damage decreased to 90/120/150/180/210 (from 95/130/165/200/235)
BlazeRMissile StormFixed an issue that caused Blaze to briefly stop her movement when Missile Storm was attempted to be cast without nearby targets
BloatRSoul EnslaveFixed an issue that incorrectly displayed the value of Soul Enslave’s movement limit effect in the tooltip.
Dagur  Fixed an issue that caused Cuddles and Gravehounds to move directly toward targets in Cloaking Fields.
Dagur  Fixed an issue that caused Attack Speed values of Cuddles and Gravehounds to be slightly incorrect.
Cuddles (Dagur)  Out of combat Health Regeneration increased to 3% of Maximum Health / sec (from 2%/sec)
DagurRInto the FrayFixed an issue that sometimes made Into the Fray unavailable / uncastable until Dagur died.
DagurRInto the FrayFixed an issue that caused Into the Fray’s visual warning effect to show at an incorrect location when the ability was cast to impassable terrain.
GalagatWShatterFixed an issue that caused Shatter to stop Galagat’s movement.
ItarriQRestraining ShotEffects of Restraining Shot are now properly blocked by Improbability Shield (Proficiency).
ItarriQRestraining ShotFixed an issue that rarely caused targets of Restraining Shot to be visually linked infinitely.
J.P.WType 23 Laser BeamFixed an issue that caused incorrect text to appear in the ability’s tooltip while it was active.
J.P. Shutdown OverrideInitial delay before the ability can be activated reduced to 0.5 sec (from 0.75 sec).
The Stormherald  Suggested Proficiencies have been updated.

1.2 Miscellaneous

Tactical Abilities Fixed an issue that caused incorrect values to be displayed in a few Tactical Ability tooltips.
Tactical AbilitiesTurret ControlInitial Cooldown increased to 240 seconds (from 120 seconds)
Faction AbilitiesRematerializeFixed an issue that allowed Rematerialize to be cast on units in stealth (e.g. Phantom with the Cloaking research).
ProficienciesSlayerDamage bonus per stack reduced to 2.5% (from 3%)
AugmentationsBattle Computer “Thunder”Fixed an issue that prevented this Augmentation to increase the Commander’s Maximum Energy.
Unit TechsArmor per ResearchFixed an issue that caused this Unit Tech to provide reduced effect at research levels 2 and 3.
Unit TechsDamage per ResearchFixed an issue that caused this Unit Tech to provide reduced effect at research levels 2 and 3.

2 User Interface

2.1 Modifications

  • Improved the Profile’s Augmentations tab.
  • Having insufficient energy to cast an ability is now visible on the ability’s icon when the ability is on cooldown.
  • The Game Results window can now be closed before animations are finished.
  • Visually updated the Death Recap window.
  • Visually updated the selection frame of the Select Profile Icon window.

2.2 Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue that caused Force theme selection to reset when trading slots in the Lobby with a player using a different faction.
  • Fixed an issue that allowed selecting environment after locking in the Lobby.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the Game Results screen to always display the Desert environment’s background.
  • Fixed an issue that very rarely caused the client to freeze opening the Force Overview window when playing the Forces Tutorial.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the game window to blink when selecting Loadouts in the Augmentations tab of the Profile window.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the top of Commander ability icons to be displayed brighter when the abilities could not be cast due to low energy.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented triggering a save confirmation when a Unit Tech was removed from a Force Set by drag-and-drop.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the Commander’s standard skin to be visible for a brief time when selecting a Commander in the Lobby that loads a non-standard skin.
  • Fixed an issue that rarely caused the Profile window to appear with empty fields.

3 Visual Changes

3.1 Updated Content

  • Talo’thrix’ Cyber skin: new visual effects, updated textures and pictures.

3.2 Modification

  • Commander walking animations have been re-enabled after resolving a number of technical issues.
  • Additional Lobby animations added for Blaze, Nyx, Talo’thrix, and Targon.
  • Updated Lobby animations for Eos, Targon, and Vikka’s Steel Battalion skin.
  • Updated movement animations for Reptus.
  • Updated animation for the Propulsion Accelerator (Q) ability of Legatus Karnel’s Afterburner skin.
  • Updated icons for the triggered effects of default Loadouts.
  • Updated icon for the passive effect of Shadrach’s Scattercharge (Q) ability.
  • Updated visual effect of Plasma Plating (Proficiency).
  • Minor updates to the visual effects of Vikka’s Steel Battalion skin.
  • Minor updates to the portraits of Ares 5, Blaze, J.P., Maxim, Mortanica, Reptus, Vikka, and Xenos.
  • Updated lighting at a few locations on the Desert environment.

3.3 Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue that caused visual effects to disappear from Commanders in the Lobby after a short delay.
  • Fixed various animation issues with Dagur’s Cuddles.
  • Fixed in-game model center of B.R.O. and Xenos.
  • Fixed Lobby model position of Slith.
  • Fixed a few Lobby model issues for Zan-kir’s Zenmaster skin.

4 Audio Changes

4.1 Modification

  • New “Victory” and “Defeat” VO lines are played at the end of a game.
  • New “Help” VO lines are played when using the “Help Me” minimap signal.
  • New “Commander Kill Special” VO lines are played with a small chance when a Commander kills a specific other Commander.
  • Commanders now laugh when the appropriate messages are written to the chat (e.g. “haha”, “lol”, “:)”).
  • Commanders now play “thanks” lines when the appropriate messages are written to the chat (e.g. “thank you”, “thanks”, “ty”).
  • Additional VO lines for Ares 5, Itarri, Vikka, and Zan-kir.
  • Additional VO lines for Commanders locking in the Lobby.
  • Ability uses of Commanders and “Building Under Attack” announcement VO lines are played less frequently.
  • Sound effect updated for Turret Control (Tactical Ability).
  • Sound effects of identical minimap signals are played less frequently.
  • Announcer VO lines are now fading out over a short duration when interrupted.

4.2 Bug Fixes

  • Volume fixes for various sound effects.
  • Fixed an issue that interrupted playing VOs when ability casts were spammed on an invalid target.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the VO played to be continued when canceling the Lobby or the Game Results tutorial.
  • Fixed a few sound effect issues with Targon.

5 Miscellaneous

5.1 Modifications

  • Pressing and holding TAB now opens the Battle Overview window and closes it when released.
    • You can also set custom hotkeys in the Settings window for the Force Overview, Commander Upgrades and Death Recap windows.
  • Added new option to the Settings:
    • Disable Camera Zoom: disables mouse wheel camera zoom
  • Upgraded medal icons are now displayed in the Game Results screen when unlocked.
  • Lore added for Blaze and Itarri.
  • Locally stored player settings are now moved to a folder named “Profile”.

5.2 Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue that caused the Commander to start moving to a formerly given move location when using certain Commander abilities while under the effect of a Stop command.
  • Fixed miscellaneous crashes and minor issues of the user interface, visual effects, tutorials, AI, force analysis, and text.
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